Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mono + Chromo

Life is insane. It drives you to places which you thought never existed, until, you were there. I guess I went wild here...I feel for the purple sharp lights and dull-o-graphs. Featured is October TeenVogue 2011 - my first issue - !

                                                                               Donec iterum scribere,
                                                                                     Talia xx

Sunday, November 6, 2011

if love was water i'd give you the ocean

                      Got my hair all static + frizzed today _ very much Talia Nunan i'd say!
Ground  Squirrels are abundant...worth a photoshoot?
                           Ostriches across the fence...if only I could have their lashes i'd be happier than hap!
                       Enjoy this editorial by Annie Edmonds for Fashion Gone Rogue.

Images Courtesy of  fashiongonerogue


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

it's not easy to kick against the pricks

To be plainly honest, I'm sick of so many things which keep me from pulling my hair out. For therapy I've decided to photograph + edit + post these for you! Ooh the internet speed is also giving me aches.


Friday, October 14, 2011

Oktober Sarie

I took these photographs for one reason, it was my most favorite issue of the Sarie and Roberto Cavalli supplied fantastic beauty in the magazine. My life has been a bit rocky, yes indeed. Unfortunately we have been moving [again] and my parents decided that it would be a family activity. Yes it did become a terrible activity, but it went fine just for a number of complaints. Those I shall not list for I am sure Feathered Cluckers are positive, right? Though I did get a funny tan, complimentary of the grueling summer sun and temperatures of 36 degrees Celsius. Firstly, I have a "head piece". My face and neck are bronze up to where my t-shirt collar is so its a sort of bronze head and neck piece. Secondly, my arms look like they were dipped in a brownish bronze paint, though only up to the arm pieces of my t-shirt. Thirdly, my legs up to my mid thighs are brownish bronze. With my new "tan" I'll look like a dipped human this summer! Sort of embarrassing  but can be corrected.        


Florence Welch

Images Courtesy of  here & here